10 Statements on Israel and Jewry

The rise of Islamism and the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda global ideology poses many strategic problems for the Jewish State. Israel is currently in this position as a result of many decades of shortsighted peace agreements and political correctness in dealing with its Arab neighbors. Here is but a list of some of the problems facing that tiny and vulnerable democracy:

1. As it now stands, Iran, a non-contiguous, non-Arab Muslim, radical theocratic regime has the military capabilities so as to pose an existential threat to the Jewish state.

2. The collapse of sovereign authority in Lebanon, Gaza, Sinai, and the Palestinian sections of the West Bank, as well as East Jerusalem. Egypt's largest political party is the Muslim Brotherhood, though it is officially banned, and anti-semitism is rampant and encouraged throughout the media and education establishment in that country. Jordan is a desert monarchy that is a single targeted bombing away from collapse. The collapse of authority, the stockpiling of arms, and the rise of an Islamist political mentality in all these countries and territories means that Israel's immediate neighbors are once again in a heightened state of jihadi fervor against Jews and friendly Arabs.

3. The rise of Islam in Turkey vis a vis the secular Ataturkian republic. Turkey is an essential ally of Israel and a powerful military power not afraid to use its force. The rapid re-Islamization of its citizens and the reorientation of its alliance from to the East threaten to undermine the Israeli-Turkish and NATO-Turkish partnerships.

4. The Islamization of society taking place in Europe. 50 million Muslims immigrants, native European demographic decline, and high Muslim birth rates are changing the face, and politics of Europe. History tells us that when there are anti-Israeli policies, these are usually founded upon anti-semitic ideologies within the public at large.

5. The rise of President Obama. While not destined to be anti-Israel, he certainly will not be as pro-Israel as George W. Bush. Also evident is his lack of belief in military force as an instrument of foreign policy.

6. The Israeli fifth column is undermining the unity of the democracy from within. The unity of the founding generations of the State, and their ability to come together based on shared history and experience, is being tested by the hyper-connectivity and globalization of post-modern society. Many in the media, the judiciary, the universities and public schools, and NGOs, while not a monolithic bloc, certainly have less loyalty to the Jewish state than they do to internationalist ideals and laws.

7. The failure of the establishment Jewish diaspora to stand by their brethren in Israel, and their detachment from the Jewish State.

8. The demographic rise of Arab-Muslims in Israel, and the rise of the haredi community, are fundamentally changing the population of the State, and when the dynamic of the people changes, so do the politicians, morals, and laws that represent them.

9. The collapse of Western leadership and the ideal of the "West" as a unified civilizational bloc. As Israel is a part of this bloc, its increasing weakness and timidity necessarily decreases Israel's power and influence. At the front lines of the battle between the West and Islam, Israel will be tested with increasing frequency and force by its neighbors, who are able to read the writing on the wall.

10. The power of propaganda in the world today. As the Holocaust fades to history, and Israel perseveres as a powerful military player, the lies and misrepresentations of the educational and media establishments will continue to turn the tide against Israel and the Jews. Only after Jewish blood is spilled in great quantities will this trend perhaps reverse itself. Until then, the great lies will continue to spread across the globe, raising another generation in Jew-hatred.