The Christians of Cairo

Here is part of a longer documentary on the state of the Christians of Cairo. Have you ever heard of the Zebaleen before? Are you aware that it is forbidden to build new churches, or repair old ones in Cairo? Are you aware that the term Copt literally means Egypt? Are you aware that Egypt was once the epicenter of Christianity (not to mention Judaism) and that the vast majority of the population was Christian? Are you aware that there is a concerted campaign by Islamists to kidnap Christian girls and convert them by force to Islam, and that afterwards they are kept locked up and are forbidden to see their families? If you are not, this documentary will shed some light on a cultural genocide which has been ongoing for over 1,400 years: CLICK HERE IF VIDEO DOES NOT WORK!

Where is the voice of the supposedly arch-Christian President Bush on this terrible crime? Have you heard a peep from him on the persecution of his coreligionists?