The Reason there is Islamophobia in the World

In the Muslim faith, their is no precedence for tolerance. Since the days of the first Christian missionaries in the 1800s up until the present, very few Muslims have been successfully converted to the Christian faith. This is not due to lack of interest, nor lack of faith in Christ, but rather the communal suffocation of any apostates that are brave enough to pronounce their love of Christ. Which is why this man just had to be murdered:

A Russian Orthodox priest known for his missionary work among Muslims was gunned down in his Moscow church, Russian officials said Friday...Sysoyev routinely denounced Islam and actively reached out to Muslims and various religious sects to convert them. In a recent interview with a Russian newspaper, Sysoyev boasted that he had baptized 80 Muslims...But with his ambitious missionary work came death threats.

"They've threatened to cut my head off 14 times," Sysoyev told Komsomolskaya Pravda in the interview. "The FSB [Federal Security Service] got in touch with me a year ago to say they had uncovered a murder plot against me." Sysoyev was originally from the Russian Republic of Tatarstan, where a large majority of the population is Muslim. He published books titled "An Orthodox Response to Islam" and "Marrying a Muslim," which criticized the faith and drew fierce responses from Muslim organizations.
That is a mighty fierce response. Just remember that this happened in Russia, not Saudi Arabia or Iran. What do the mighty Christian powers of the world do in response? You can bet if this was the other way around, and a Muslim imam was murdered, the Organization for Islamic Cooperation would have sent out press releases, chaired emergency meetings at the UN Security Council, and demanded apologies from Russian heads of state. As it stands now, the Orthodox Church will be in mourning, having lost one of its bravest champions of Christianity, and one of its only pastors courageous enough to preach openly to Muslims.