Islamic Slavery in Africa

Professor John Azumah has written a book, "The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa." In this illuminating interview, the author states the facts clearly, and I am left with an uneasy sense of having been enlightened to a terrible crime about which I was previously ignorant. This important and revealing interview offers more evidence to the charge that Islam badly needs its own spirited revolutionaries to lead it through its own Reformation:

It is not that the Arab Muslims are alone in having perpetuated the terrible crime of slavery. It is rather the cruel and religious nature by which this criminal institution was perpetuated and justified, and the sheer perseverance of its practice even into the modern days. In the 1950s, 20% of the Saudi Arabian population was estimated to be comprised of slaves. Yet, have you once heard any newspaper or school book speak about the Islamic, versus, say, the American Slave Trade? Moreover, there has never been an Islamic abolitionist movement whereas the Western world produced the likes of Wilberforce and Tubman. I am not aware of any consideration of reparations nor public welfare for minorities throughout the Muslim dominated Northern half of the African continent. The sooner African-Americans are made aware of the crimes documented by Azumah in this interview, the sooner the religious race hustler Louis Farrakhan will cease to draw hundreds of people to his speeches campuses like the State University of California at Berkley.