My Speech @ Grandpa Meyer's Wedding

For more information about Grandpa Meyer's life, and his role in the development of the Atomic Bomb during World War II, see this article from Newsday.

In honor of my 87-year old Grandpa Meyer, on his wedding day:
Fourscore and seven years ago, my grandfather was brought forth upon this continent, conceived in Philly, and dedicated to the proposition that all men would have equal access to a local Schnops committee. Now, we are engaged in a great celebration, to determine whether that man, or any man so conceived and so dedicated, may enjoy love not once, but twice. It is all together fitting, and PROPER, that we should do this.

The world will little note, nor long remember, what I say here; but it can never forget these two righteous souls; their charms and their mannerisms; their stories and their ideas; their love of life and their love of Torah; their dedication to their families, and their dedication to their community; and we must never forget the countless mitzvoth with which they have brightened the world.

This dedication, and these mitzvoth, brought to my attention a passage from the Bible, Pslam 92:

The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree; they shall thrive like a cedar in Lebanon. Planted in the house of the Lord, they shall flourish in the courts of our God. They shall bear fruit even in old age; they shall be ever fresh and fragrant. The shall proclaim: The Lord is just, He is my Rock, in whom there is no flaw.

Now, I speak for my brothers and my sister, my cousins young and old, and all the friends and family present at this simcha when I say to you, Grandpa, that you have brightened all of our lives; in other words, that you continue to bear fruit even in old age. Indeed, the best times I have had in the past year, I have spent with you, in Israel and in Washington, D.C. And though you may be aged physically, we know that your heart is as young as an adolescent, and that your mind is as sharp as a fresh Cooper Union graduate. Going forward, we all hope for nothing more that to be able to share many more years together with you, your intelligent wit, your ancient stories, your sublimely repetitive jokes, your energy, your enthusiasm, what might be styled your Uranium 235 personality, your love of life, your genuine and honest nature, and now, we hope to add many more simchas together with your new wife, Phyllis.

Grandpa, I admire you; WE all admire you, and we look up to you more than you may know. We have learned from you, and we have felt your love. We sing your praises to friends, and we tell of your incredible life story and achievements to our colleagues. You are, as they say, a national treasure, and they sure as hell don't make them like you anymore. Grandpa, you are not "F.O.S", you are not "Pablo," and you are not "Batman in the Bathroom." Rather, you are a mensch in the truest sense of the word, the rock of our family, and the standard to which we may all hope to live up to. Mazal Tov!