An Ode to Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill, Britain’s Prime Minister during her most perilous hour, was the leading statesman of the 20th century, a Ciceronian orator, a Nobel Prize-winning historian, and a champion of Western Civilization in the magnitude of Charles Martel and John Sobieski. In a mad age of appeasement and cowardice, his was the lone voice of resistance and courage. Blessed with an imaginative mind, he foretold of the existential danger to humanity posed not only by Nazism, but of communism, socialism, and Islamism as well. Like the Athenian general Themistocles before him, he correctly identified Naval supremacy as the lifeblood of national empire. Witness as First Lord of the Admiralty, Churchill already winning Parliamentary funding in 1911 for the four modern dreadnaught ships which proved decisive in Britain’s naval victory over Germany in World War I.

Thirty years later, as Europe “lay prostrate and writhing under the Nazi yoke,” it was Churchill the lion, almost alone, defiant in the face of the bloodthirsty Nazi tyranny. By his actions he instilled courage in the breasts of his countrymen, and by his words he  inspired them with hope for a brighter future. Churchill was not by nature a war monger. Rather, he was a Righteous Gentile, a painter, writer, and a lover of animals. His martial instinct was firmly rooted in his just appreciation for perilous beauty of Civilization, And it is a measure of his Greatness that he resolved it worthier to die fighting for such a worthy cause then to live to witness it destroyed and subjected.

An example for all generations, the world at present requires Churchillian leadership to navigate it through another dark and stormy hour in the history of mankind.