2014 Pulitzer Prize Goes to Traitorous Reporters

The Pulitzer Prize committee has just announced they are awarding the esteemed Pulitzer Prize to Edward Snowden's enablers, the Washington Post and The Guardian. Thus one man's act of patriotism in another man's form of treason.

Here is a man who stole everything from the United States Intelligence Community, including the kitchen sink. Here is a man who betrayed his country and betrayed his employer. Here is a man who is currently living in that great paragon of individual freedom, Russia. Here is a single man who has done more harm to America in a couple of months than an entire army of Soviet and Chinese spies could have done in a generation.

At best, he exposed what has become an out of control spying agency snooping on American citizens. This is indeed outrageous. But Investigation and Oversight are the responsibilities of our elected representatives in The Congress. And though much of our leadership may be worthless, perhaps, he could have found common cause with the likes of Rand Paul, Bernard Sanders, Ted Cruz, and other libertarian members of the Senate and Congress. He could have told them that he had incriminating information about the NSA, that they were out of control, and that, if granted immunity, he would provide all the information he had obtained. Even if he did not trust his government (and for that, I do not blame him), he could have threatened those Congressmen with a broader release of classified information if they sought to arrest and silence him. This is similar to what a craftier and more egregious traitor, Julian Assange, did by encrypting a cache of classified secrets - which he has threatened to release if ever harmed. To this day, he continues to release embarrassing documentation of American foreign and domestic incompetence.

Instead, Snowden chose the path of Assange, and so he went to the Press. Thus he has enabled his own downfall. For though he could steal with ease the secrets of the NSA, he could not so easily outwit the power of the Press and the Public Opinion. Snowden thus linked himself, and became dependent on the Media. And as such he became a tool of the Media. And the Media is full of useful idiots quick to make a buck. These Idiots of course are cleverly manipulated by our Enemies, most notably. Russia and China. While thus emboldening the inclinations of our enemies he has simultaneously been undermining the resolve of our allies, most notably Germany and Brazil In the end, Snowden has succeeded most greatly in devastating the American Intelligence Community (i.e. The Jack Bauers who are protecting your ass). The release of the classified information has neither brought about the reformation of the security-intelligence apparatus, nor has it made the world a safer place. Thus one man's act of patriotism in another man's form of treason.

Whether corrupted by money or fame, or whether he had a truer sense of patriotism, we may never know for sure. Snowden is either a great whistle-blower or a traitor, and quite possibly somewhere in between. In the last resort, I can understand a man like Snowden. But it is the Journalists and News Organizations I can neither understand, nor forgive. For they choose willingly to broadcast this highly sensitive and valuable information to all the corners of the globe, including the backwards mud hut villages of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The pages of the Washington Post and the Guardian are like gold to the intelligence communities of Russia, Iran, Al-Qaeda, and China. This is not the first time national security secrets have been leaked. Nor will it be the last. For they feel they are doing a great service to the country by reporting this information. A great Patriotic act. In reality they are Quislings of the highest and vilest order. They have weakened and demoralized the American intelligence community. And the media has broadcast this message of weakness to all the despots and terrorists across the world. And because America is still the last, best hope for mankind, Snowden and the media have caused lasting damage to the future of freedom, progress, and prosperity. Let us hope the 99% of the intelligence community that is passionate about defending our nation still has the will to overcome this internal treachery.