Geert Wilders Parliamentary Discussion

Some will say, that Geert Wilders is the most important European political leader alive today. He is a defender of the Netherlands and his fellow Citizens. A defender of Freedom & Judeo-Christian / Western Civilization. Currently he is the chief of the largest political party in the Dutch Parliament. Have Americans heard of him? Do they know of his struggle, and what it represents for Europe?

Some thoughts from the video on Democracy and Transparency ----- The verbal machetes hurled at Mr. Wilders do not faze him. He has long ago willed such reactionary tendencies from his body. With wit and conviction he counters the challenges. On point and on message. This direct back and forth parliamentary exchange is one of democracy's finest manifestations. See also the regular Prime Minister's Questions in the UK, where we can witness another masterpiece of the democratic art form. This healthy practice is sadly missing in our own American form of republicanism. Our Chief Executive and Department leaders are rarely exposed to such fierce verbal exchanges. Yet such disagreements are essential to any government which truly seeks to expresses the people, and is of the people, by the people, and for the people. American leaders are comparatively insular. Imagine if you will Mr. Obama or Mr. Bush being subjected to cross-examination before Congress on a regular basis. Could such accountability perhaps helped our country avoid major blunders?  Imagine that Mr. Bush had been required on a weekly basis to face the Congress. Were each Member of Congress allowed to challenge Mr. Bush, could some of the flaws in his anti-terror strategy been exposed? Would this have made war more or less likely? We must vigorously hold our leaders to account. Many major challenges in our society could have been brought to light and tackled much earlier, before they metastasized. Imagine if the head of the Veterans Affairs, Health and Human Services, or the Justice Department, had to sharpen themselves against the challenge of an opposing committee of his teammates and fellow citizens of the Republic. What harm can there be in this? Aristotle himself believed a key ingredient of the ideal Leader was utter transparency in thought and action. Related to this is my cautious admiration for Mr. Trump. Consistently open and in the spotlight, he takes on all challenges directly and very rarely hides or obfuscates. Mr. Trump's life is freedom in action - free expression, free enterprise, free thought, free speech. He lives freedom, Others preach it. Merely to be in the arena, is to have lived a life worthy living.

On Geert Wilders: Mr. Wilders is heir to the ideas and the fate of the assassinated Dutch civil servant, sociologist, author, professor, and finally politician, Pim Fortyn. Gay, and flamboyantly so, Mr. Fortyn was a critic of all forms of political correctness, but most especially of militant Islam and it's horrible treatment of gays and lesbians. His murder was Holland's first political assassination in 400 years. For much of the last decade, and continuing into the present, Mr. Wilders must keep armed guards at all times, must sleep in a undisclosed locations, and must be forever on high alert. The forces of evil Islamism are so strong that they are able to influence Dutch security in the very heart of Europe. Despite all this, it is Mr. Wilders who is branded the racist, because he defends the traditional mores, culture, and bloodline of his Nation. Such is the twisted degeneracy of modern European political culture.

On Voice of America: Lastly, I thought you ought be aware of the current journalistic standards over at the good 'ol Voice of America, the official external broadcast institution for your United States Your tax dollars are here at work smearing and shaming Mr. Wilders, a man who is effectively the most popular elected leader in the Netherlands. The depth and scope of misleading information are today so astounding and are unlike anything we have ever seen in the long, dark, and lamentable catalog of human propaganda. In our era of corrupt and crooked governance, would you expect anything less from a decadent Establishment?